Ways to Get Unstuck

What do million dollar homes, laying on the floor staring at the ceiling, and crocheting have in common?
Can’t guess?

Ways I get unstuck.When I’m not sure what happens next in one of my books, I can usually do one of these things to get the story rolling again.

Most all of my books have a connection, in some way, to very lavish homes. Searching real-estate listings is one way I can put myself in my characters mind. For the Billionaires of White Oaks Series I found a lot of million dollar inspiration at Grey Beard Realty. I saved homes I thought Kyle, Elias, and Duke would live in on Pinterest and a lot of other inspirational Mastermind things. You can check them out here: https://www.pinterest.com/LizabethScott4U

Another way I jog my brainwaves is to lay on the floor in a quiet room and stare at the ceiling. This technique was taught to me by my author crush, Elizabeth Lennox. It works! There’s just something about having a blank void in front of me that I can fill with images of what I’m writing. I think of it as a blank movie screen that I fill up.

Then if all else fails…I pull out a crocheting project I’ve been working on for years. Honestly, it’s fine if I never finish it. It’s an afghan and not a very good one at that but it keeps me focused on counting stitches which somehow flips a switch and let’s me go wild with other thoughts so I can figure out whatever issue I’m having in my story.

So these are my ways of getting unstuck. Do you have a technique for solving issues or making decisions?

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