Hurricane Michael visited us here in North Carolina. As a matter of fact, just a short time after Hurricane Florence made her presence felt in our state. Our location is about mid-state. We did get a lot of rain and flooding from Flo, but Michael really kicked our butts. The afternoon that it hit was probably the worse rain and wind I’ve ever experienced. I watched trees outside bend in the strong gusts, just sure they were going to fall. Limbs fell on our roof but nothing big enough to do major damage. However I did hear loud popping noises nearby and later learned our neighbors had huge trees snap or were uprooted.

We were very lucky in that we only were without power for a short time. I believe the highest count without power in our area was over 100 thousand. Currently, 5 days after, we still have about 20 thousand still without power.

Detours make going anywhere a challenge. Roads are closed due to fallen trees, power line or power poles down. It’s not uncommon to see huge trees on top of houses or laying across the road. Seeing such destruction makes my heart hurt.

Our schools were closed last Thursday and Friday but were open today, Monday. However, many businesses are still closed. It’s suggested to call places to make sure they have power before you go. Because like I said, it’s a challenge because of the roads and drivers with no clue how to navigate without stoplights. Our news station even did a segment on the correct rules when there’s no light. Do you know? You treat it as a 4-way stop sign. You pull up, stop, and then the person on the right has the right of way. I’ve seen many different methods of dealing with this issue from the, go real fast because my car is bigger than yours method, to the creeper who goes real slow expecting everyone else to stop.

I think I’m staying home for another week until hopefully we see the end of Michael.

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