Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019. Here comes Liz Scott!

2018 was the year of the White Oaks Series.

First you met, April and Elias and all their renovation woes. This series was my foray into writing in first person and more mature content. Language and sexier love scenes. I had no idea how my readers would accept this new writing style.

Then you rocked out with Rachael and Kyle. Honestly, this one was for me. I love rocker stories. And secret baby tropes are my favorite. Taking an impossible situation, Kyle, and turning him into a guy you fall in love with. I hope I accomplished that. I have gotten some feedback that this story may have crossed the lines in strong language and adult content, but I wanted to stay true to the characters. Kyle is a rock star. I wanted him to feel authentic. I hope I achieved that and didn’t turn you away. Come back if I did!

Duke and Harlow’s story was so much fun to write. Can’t you just see her making a home with what she had to work with? And the misunderstanding with his name, Duke. I can so see southerners doing that. I can say this, because I am one. I was very careful to not let anyone call her Harley until her dad came back in her life. He was the only one allowed. I think twice he called her by the nickname. Did you put it together? Harley Davidson…

And finally, Smith and Baylee’s story was supposed to released in December, but because of unforeseen circumstances I had to push it forward to January. But in my mind, it’s still a 2018 book. I’m not going to say much about this one because it’s not been release yet. However, I think this one might be my favorite.

Creating this town and community was so much fun. I hope you fell in love with the beautiful mountain scenes, Looking Glass Falls, the towns train exhibit, the diner, Tea Thyme, and most especially…Ms. Blanche and Ms. Edna. Here’s a little known fact. These ladies started out as sisters! But a reader pointed out they were a couple after reading the first story. I didn’t realize it at the time, I never indicated one way or the other…but the reader was right!

Future plans for this series…
Hothead was always going to be the last book of this series but, if my readers want more, I’m certainly willing to re-visit these folks. You need to let me know.

What’s up for 2019?
Love in the Air is my new series. Each story will be connected in some way with flight, planes, airports, etc.
I’ll be going back to third person for these books and you will only hear an occasional darn or heck. Sexy time will still be steamy, don’t worry.
Oh, and they will be romantic comedy stories! I love writing those.
You’ll hear more about this series soon. I’m not sure when the first book will be releasing. Probably sometime in April. Sooner if I can make it happen. I’ve already got 3 books in the works and let me tell you, I am laughing most of the time I’m writing.
What do you think? Sound good to you?

Also, I am involved in a multi-author project that you will hear more about in upcoming weeks. I’m so excited about this because it’s with two of my fav authors. Darn it, I wish I could tell you who…stay tuned for more info.

Okay, that’s my past and present, and future. I hope you are looking forward to more Liz Scott books in 2019! They will be flying into a retailer near you! LOL! I crack myself up sometimes.

And as always, I want to say a great big ole heartfelt thank you for being my friend and reading my books and motivating me when the going gets rough. You’re always there for me and I can’t tell you how that makes my heart all squishy inside. Because of your support I get to do what I’ve always dreamed of doing…bring the stories and characters alive that live inside my brain. THANK YOU!

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