The Magic 8 Ball Says…

Early reviews are coming in and…


Before I started my writing career I had an admin job that depended on some pretty big decisions. We asked a magic 8 ball many times what the outcome would be and do you know that it always got it right. If you believe in that kind of thing. I like to think that our department was just that good!

I didn’t have any insider tips on this one. However I did a happy dance when early reviews started coming in showing readers are loving Mina and Jackson’s story in, My Bet’s On Love.

You blow me away with your kind words. Thank you so very much! I could not do this without your support. ❤️


It could have been the perfection of the night. The moonlight made the landscape shimmer and glow. The sound of the jingle bells on Betsy’s harness was like background fairy music. It could have been the way Jackson had held her when he’d helped her from the sleigh and they’d had a moment. At least, that’s the way she was looking at it.

Maybe it was simply because they’d shared interesting conversation over the delicious dinner at the lodge, the candlelight, the warmth of the fire they’d been sitting by. But as Jackson’s arm wrapped around her shoulders pulling her close on their way back to the hotel, she was positive she’d never had a more romantic evening.

Whatever magic was going on, Mina knew that if the evening didn’t end with a kiss, she’d regret it for the rest of her life. With all those feelings making her stomach all aflutter with butterflies, she turned her head and found him staring down at her. Jackson was a handsome man. Devin was Hollywood handsome; Jackson was ruggedly handsome. Even in the moonlight, she could see the beautiful blue of his irises.

Was she reading his reaction right? There were all kinds of reasons why a kiss was the wrong thing to do. His gaze went to her lips and she shivered, but not from the chill of the night. She licked her bottom lip.

Jackson groaned. “Mina, I…” he started to say, but then looked away.

She needed to know. For once, the voice of The Love Vixen wasn’t in her head. She was Mina, and she wanted to be brave and go for what she wanted. Reaching up, she cupped his cheek and turned his head until their eyes met again. “I know we just met, but this doesn’t feel like a casual acquaintance. Please don’t freak out. I’m not talking about anything but right now, right here. In this moment… I really want to kiss you, Jackson.”

Jackson let out a slow breath and grinned. “I’ve wanted to kiss you all night.”

He leaned down and the moment his lips touched hers, everything else ceased to exist. Strong arms lifted her until she was on his lap. Her hands inched up his chest and into the hair at the back of his neck. She yanked his knit cap off and ran her fingers through the silky, long locks. She’d wanted to do that for so long. She was right. His hair was the softest of soft. She loved the feeling of the strands between her fingers.

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