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The last Love Vixen book is coming in 12 days and then it’s a wrap. Or is it? I’m not really sure.

OMG, I’ve had so much fun writing in the Love Vixen world. She has an answer for everything! I’ve also had a blast reading how each author put their own twist on how the Vixen helped their HEA’s along. 

What you can look forward to in My Bet’s On Love:

  • the story behind the Love Vixen (has something to do with a blog)
  • five super hot guys that know how to use their pens
  • steamy, hot sexy times
  • quick changes in closets
  • a moonlight sleigh ride
  • a swoony HEA you may shed a tear over 

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Ya know the best part? If you haven’t read all 11 books, this is a great weekend to binge the Love Vixen before book 12 releases. Grab them HERE.


She startled and then looked up into his eyes. Jackson saw a familiar pain hidden behind the tears. He was compelled to ask, “I don’t mean to intrude, but are you okay?”

She gave one slow nod and replied with a watery smile, “I hope to be.”

He knew how that felt. “Relationship gone bad?” he surprised himself by asking without thinking he shouldn’t. It wasn’t his thing. All he was doing was trying to make a sad woman…not so sad.

Her lips pulled upward. “That obvious?”

He shrugged and sank to the other side of the bench. “Maybe not to most, but like recognizes like.”

She turned her head and their eyes met. “Ahh, broken heart?” she asked.

Jackson hadn’t noticed how beautiful she was. Her hair was thick and richly brunette. There were many shades of brown reflecting the low, setting sun. Her eyes were a clear hazel green and rimmed with long, dark lashes. He was so taken with her eyes, he found himself saying, “Broken heart? No, but I was dumped three years ago. How about you?”

She turned back to the falls. “A while now. This was supposed to be my wedding weekend.”

His head turned sharply back to her. An idiot let this beautiful woman go? “Ouch. Let me guess. He cheated on you?”

Her lips flattened into a frown. “You got it in one. Funny how you knew that and I never saw it coming…” 

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2 thoughts on “It All Started With A Blog”

  1. I have loved reading the Love Vixen series all year and have found some new authors to binge along the way. I just finished book 12 and can’t help but wonder if this one is related to or a spin off of another series of the author’s? I need to know Jackson’s friend’s stories 😉. Great book, great series!

    1. Thanks so much for loving this series. We all had a lot of fun writing it. I know! Jackson’s friends, right? I do plan on a new series for them but honestly they took me by surprise and I already had my upcoming year’s writing schedule planned. It’s looking like 2023 might be their year. Thanks for asking!

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