This morning I woke up to a cool 67F temperature. Ahhhh. It was wonderful. Cooler temps just make the impending holidays even closer. It also reminded me I need to start looking for my favorite White House Apple Cider in grocery stores. I’m serious. It’s always the first to sell out and in my opinion it makes a big difference in my family’s must have festive drink for the season. Hot Apple Cider.

I feel like I make one huge slow cooker full starting at Thanksgiving and just replenish it through until Christmas! I don’t, but some years it feels like it.
I’ve even shipped the ingredients to my son when he was out of the country!

Do you have a favorite holiday drink, food, or custom?

Want to know my secret recipe that’s been tweaked and perfected over the years? Here ya go! Happy Holidays readers! I am most thankful for you! And you are the perfect gift for this romance writer!

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