A Little Editing

Good Morning!!! I have been up early just working away of finishing Ticket to Pleasure. I have 2 more days and I want it ready to go forward with the editing process.
Did you know that before my books get to you they go through very rigorous editing.
A content editor who tells me plot holes and what isn't working. Sometimes I think she is evil but I always think I am so lucky I found her. We have some deep conversations about emotions and what a character should be feeling during a scene. She's also real good at telling me to rewrite with feeling.
After I do those edits, I have several very amazing friends who read the book and give me their thoughts of what worked for them, what didn't work, and what they missed or wanted added. They have been with me from the very start of my writing career.
Then after I make those edits I send it off to my copy editor who makes a thorough sweep to correct my horrible grammar and turns it into a smoothly flowing work of art. LOL. At least that's they way I feel.
Of course, at this point, it's ready for formatting and uploading. For me, writing a book is at least a 3 month process from start to finish. It is rare that I take a day off. I try to write something everyday. I have found if I skip a day or two it's hard for me to get back into the writing mindset.
And I have several books going at the same time. If I get stuck in one, I move to the next until I figure out the first books issue. That works nicely, until I am under a deadline.
Strangely, I supposed my 24 years in the data world makes me work well under pressure. If a deadline is looming the words seem to come easier.
Which reminds me...1 have 2 days to finish Ticket to Pleasure! Gotta run!

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