Teaser Tuesday

There’s only 10 days until Failure To Seduce comes out! You’ll get to meet Lola & Crew in this total opposites attract royal romance. Their meet cute is anything but cute, in fact, it’s rather rude. Their chemistry however, is off the charts 🔥hawt!

I thought for #TeaserTuesday I’d give you a give you a peek inside chapter 4 this is from Crew’s POV.

“Morning,” Crew said as he walked in the kitchen for breakfast. His mother was at the stove and didn’t reply with her usual cheery greeting. That was his first clue that something was up. After the night he’d spent tossing and turning and reliving what happened in the bunkhouse with Lola, he wasn’t in a good mood himself.

He’d been within seconds of kissing her. She’d felt so good in his arms. Soft, warm, and judging by the hardness of her nipples pressed against his chest, she’d been willing. Those damn blue eyes got to him. The color was a unique shade and without meaning to sound like a poet, he could damn near fall into them.

Then she’d run her pink tongue over her bottom lip and left it glistening, and all he’d wanted to do was to lean over and taste her. He was hard as a rock and he’d never experienced such a visceral reaction to a woman.
Her lips pulled into a grim line, his mom carried his plate from the stove and practically tossed it down in front of him. His toast toppled off onto the breakfast bar.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

She leaned back, crossed her arms, and gave him the look he’d learned the meaning of early in life, the one that usually meant he’d screwed up. “Honestly, Crew, sometimes I don’t even know you. How can you make that precious woman sleep in the bunkhouse with the men?”

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Coming May 6.


US AMAZON https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09HR79BYW

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OTHER RETAILERShttps://lizabethscottbooks.com/failure-to-seduce

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