Grounds for Love


Get an autographed copy of GOING ALL IN from the Faire Island Brides Series.

She’s a gentle soul with a tragic past. He’s a grumpy local not at all interested in love. When chemistry strikes later in life can romance still survive?

Jennifer Blake is ready to move away from the memories that keep her stuck in the past. Or so she thinks. Her intense attraction to the sexy older captain has her running scared…but she can’t get him out of her head.

Rod Murphy thought his days of romance died along with his wife. Then a beautiful, sad, young woman stepped onto his ferry and he felt an overwhelming need to see her smile.

At one time, he had moves. Now, he’s either rusty or his moves have become obsolete because he can’t get her to even go out for coffee. And she owns the coffee shop!

Will this unlikely duo fight for love or surrender to heartache?

Grounds For Love is the third book in the steamy Faire Island Brides contemporary romance series. If you like reading about hopeless love finding a way to break through age and emotional barriers, you’ll love Lizabeth Scott’s seaside standalone story.

Buy Grounds For Love, a heart-exploding romance, today!

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