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Down and out,
Nobody to call, no place to stay.
I did what I had to,
I needed to survive.

Squatting in an old apartment complex wasn’t my best move,
But moving in with the sexy and sensitive owner of the building couldn’t be any worse.
After all, he just wants to help,
And I can’t resist the kindness of this particular stranger.

He’s proper and serious,
Unlike anyone I’ve ever met.
He saved me,
And now it’s my turn to save him,
From himself.

I’ve never known anyone like her,
Gorgeous, smart, and slightly naïve,
But her sense of humor has me begging for more.
I’m drawn to her in ways I can’t even explain.

Insisting she move in was my best decision,
And now, I’m getting to know Harlow in every way,
Feeling like she may be the Duchess to my Duke.

But, I need to come clean about me,
Let her know the truth about me,
About my life.
Can a woman like her handle the secret I’ve been hiding?








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