Newfangled Theaters

Well, I saw Star Wars! We took Mr. Scott for his birthday!
It was great…but what is going on with theaters these days! Yes, it’s been about 2 years since I went to a movie theater. But…
First, we had to decide what type of theater we wanted. 3-D, IMAX, IMAX 3-D, REAL D 3D, or Standard. We went with IMAX. Wasn’t sure what that was or what the others were. I discovered I’m a Standard kinda girl.
Then we were shown a screen to select our seating! Really, stadium seating for theaters? Yep. We selected the back row, in the middle. Bad choice. I’ll tell you why in a bit.


Almost $40 bucks for a noon showing for 3! Whatever happened to the $2.99 early bird special? The snacks were about the same for a large popcorn and diet coke, a small blue raspberry icee, and a medium cola icee. Let me pause a moment. I ordered the medium cola icee expecting a 12 oz serving. Nope. It was huge! It took two hands to hold it! Is it actually possible to drink and NOT have to visit the little girls room during the movie. I think not. As a matter of fact…I KNOW not. The large… 34 to 42 oz. Yep. I looked. Mr. Scott is still drinking on that diet cola.


I knew the seats were recliners. I have sat in those before. I can’t imagine going to a theater without them. Love them! However, if you carry your keys in your pocket take them out before you sit or they may accidentally activate the reclining button. He he he. Still laughing. Wish we’d gotten it on video.


The movie starts and we jump! Ahhh, IMAX means really loud. The music parts were so loud Princess Scott stuffed pieces of a napkin in her ears. The intense parts were so loud the room even shook! I actually felt my seat move! That’s how loud it was. In the truck on the way home as we debriefed Princess Scott informed me there was a vibration mechanism under the seats to create a more realistic experience. What? Really? Like a Disney ride? Yes. Warn a person next time.


*Lesson learned – sit in the middle of the theater, not near a speaker, and hang on.


The movie was incredible. I loved seeing the old mixed with the new. It was sad seeing Carrie Fisher knowing this was her last film. Bittersweet, reflective moments. She will forever live in our hearts as Princess Leia.

I wish Prince Scott and his crew had been here but they celebrated in Ohio with a lengthy Facetime call. It was a fun family day. The best kind.

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