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The wait is almost over! #TooCloseToCall comes out tomorrow!🏎️

One of my favorite things about this book is the chemistry between Tori & Case. It’s a closeness developed from growing up together and their relationship changing through the years that makes it so explosive when they reconnect years later.

Here’s a sneak peek inside. This is from chapter 6 and is from Case’s POV.

“What do you want, Tori? Why did you come here?”

She takes a step closer and my clenching jaw is the only evidence of my reaction to having her within arm’s reach. “Are we over, Case? Have I completely destroyed what we once had?”
Her question irritates me. She’s making it seem like I had a choice. I had none. “I’ll ask again. What do you want, Tori?”

She places her hand on my chest. I feel her touch clear down to my heart. I want to brush her hand off, but nothing has changed for me. I am just as affected by her as I ever was, but I know I can’t give her what she wants. To do that would be opening myself up to heartache and doubt. I cover her hand with mine as I wait for her reply.

She looks up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes. “I don’t know, but I need to. We were deeply in love once. We had our future together mapped out before things went horribly off-track. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything and I hate that it’s taken this long to tell you that.”

I allow myself the pleasure of running my thumb down her creamy smooth cheek. She shudders and I remember so many things. I see it in her eyes; she’s remembering too. A flood of emotions threatens to overtake me. We’re frozen in time, in the moment, wanting each other yet remembering too much.

“God, you drive me fuxxing crazy,” I mutter as her lips curl up into a sexy, knowing smile. She leans in and I kiss a spot on her lower cheek that always causes her breath to catch. I am not disappointed when a breathy sound drifts over my ear. The chemistry between us was always explosive. I’ve never found anything even remotely as fulfilling as being with Tori.

“You know you do this to me…

Grab it now! Read it tomorrow!

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