The Knockoff Series

Spice up your dreams with the latest issue of All Faked Up Bedtime Stories. Romantic stories sure to encourage the dreams you desire. In Issue four, Keaton and Leona get the second chance they never saw coming.



Why can’t a job be based on qualifications instead of my marital status? The chief of staff is from the stone age but if I want the promotion, then I’m going to need to play by his rules. No problem. I just need a fake groom until the man retires in two weeks.


I must have hit my head harder than I thought because I certainly don’t remember being engaged to my high school crush. I’m digging the way she’s pressing against me and there is a ring on her finger. Not sure what else I forgot, but I’m looking forward to the TLC she’s promising me tonight. If this is amnesia, sign me up.

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