Tempting Fate

He’s not ready to be a father.

She wasn’t expecting a baby daddy.

Billie Beaumont never let anything hold her back from going for what she wanted. She wants a baby before her biological clock chimed twelve and her eggs turned back into pumpkin seeds. The time is ten thirty-seven and ticking towards midnight. Making the decision to take matters into her own hands isn’t an easy one. Being a single mom will be hard but also extraordinary.

Sam SuMartra is one royal who isn’t ready to be tamed. That changed the day he found out he was going to be a father. Being raised by a single mother Sam knew first hand the difficulties the child faced as a royal. Even if the king and his parents hadn’t demanded it, he would have found the woman and married her to ensure his child’s future.

Fate may have pushed Sam and Billie together but will love give them their forever?

**All books in the Royal Heirs series can be read as standalones, but this is a tight-knit family and I can’t keep them from showing up in other stories!

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