Sweet Seduction

Book Four

Kassie had no time in her life for Prince Tajeria SuMartra. Her focus had to be on helping her mom raise her four younger sisters and keep their business going. So, when Prince Taj literally knocked her off her feet, she couldn’t understand why she allowed him into her life and into her arms.

Taj knew the moment he saw Kassie that she would somehow change his life. The only problem was she ran away before he could even get her name. The second time their paths crossed he not only found out her name but also the location of her family’s bakery. Now he had to get Kassie to admit that what they had together was more than just a passing attraction.

Each book in The Royal Vow Series can be read as a stand-alone, but why would you? It's so much fun to re-visit the SuMartra family and catch up with them.

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