Sweet Denial

Book Three

Ella had loved Prince Zahir secretly since she'd met him at her sister’s wedding. She'd thought he'd felt the same way, only to have her heart crushed when he chose another.

For years she avoided him at all costs. She tried to move on, but it just wasn’t in the cards. When circumstances brought them back together, Ella found out some hard truths.

Could she forgive him?

Could they start over?

Or had too many secrets spoiled what might have been?

Zahir made the decision to send her away for her own good. It was the hardest thing he had ever done. He spent years secretly watching over her until he thought she was ready for what he had to offer.

Did he make the biggest mistake of his life? By never revealing his secrets could he have lost the love of his life? He refused to accept that.

He must prevail and convince Ella that what they felt for each other was too strong to ignore.

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Amazon Customer


Amazon Customer

You there is nothing more fulfilling then a good laugh, and this series has had laughing from day one. I'm already looking for the third book, it's now an addiction that must be fixed. Ty

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