SeriesTitleBook NumberLeft Review
Faire Island BridesGoing All Inn1
Faire Island BridesLove Over Easy2
Faire Island BridesGrounds for Love3
The Love VixenLet's Talk LovePrequel Novella
The Love VixenMy Bet's on Love
The Royal HeirsOver Ruled1
The Royal HeirsSilent Surrender2
The Royal HeirsRoyal Surrender3
The Royal HeirsSurrender to Love4
The Royal HeirsUndeniably His5
The Royal HeirsTempting Fate6
Love in TransitTicket to Forever1
Love in TransitTicket to Pleasure2
Love in TransitTicket to Desire3
Love in TransitTicket to Romance4
Billionaires of White OaksHeartbreaker1
Billionaires of White OaksTroublemaker2
Billionaires of White OaksMastermind3
Billionaires of White OaksHothead4
Kissed SeriesSnow Kissed by the Billionaire1
Kissed SeriesChased by the Billionaire2
Kissed SeriesSun Kissed by the Billionaire3
Kissed SeriesFrench Kissed by the Billionaire4
Hearts of Gold SeriesA Sheik for Rose1
Hearts of Gold SeriesA Cowboy for Mary2
Hearts of Gold SeriesA Star for Annie3
Dirty Ankle SeriesYou Promised Me Forever1
The Royal Vow SeriesSweet Royal BeginningsPrequel Novella
The Royal Vow SeriesSweet Surrender1
The Royal Vow SeriesSweet Denial2
The Royal Vow SeriesSweet Seduction3
The Royal Vow SeriesSweet Temptation4
The Royal Vow SeriesSweet Destiny5
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