Too Close to Call


Get an autographed copy of TOO CLOSE TO CALL from the Faire Island Brides Series.

Tori and Case go from zero to sixty in this small-town, second-chance steamy romance.


At fifteen, I met the girl and fell in love. Through the years, our passion grew, and we vowed that nothing and no one could come between us. Tori Hamilton was it for me. We never anticipated a tragic accident ending it all between us.

Almost six years later, we run into each other. Her long, silky hair, curves that go on for days, and beautiful smile almost make me forget her betrayal.

Will seeing Tori again force me to admit I still have feelings for her?


Coming face to face with Case Murphy again stirs up all the hopes and dreams I once had of a future together. I’m determined to make amends and fight for a second chance. I refuse to believe the wreckage of our past is impossible to overcome.

I’m not letting him run away a second time. We’re older and hopefully wiser. His handsome face, raspy voice, broad shoulders, and ripped muscles remind me why it’s always been Case. But we’ve been through too much to ever be the same again.

Can we move forward stronger because of what we’ve endured apart and will love be enough to heal our wounded hearts?

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