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Get an autographed copy of GOING ALL IN from the Faire Island Brides Series.

The small town of Faire Island is dying out as businesses close and residents move away for better opportunities. A desperate and quirky town takes drastic measures to ensure its future and repopulate their island.

In the first book of this romantic bride series, the town advertises a contest with the prize being the Island Inn. Thousands of entries are submitted. The town council is diligent in whittling them down to ten beautiful single women. The people of Faire Island vote for their favorite and the winner is…


I find myself without a job, my relationship status is single with no viable prospects, I’m nearing the age of thirty, and I’ve lived in the shadows of others for so long I’m not sure who I am anymore. I have something to prove. To myself.

I enter a too-good-to-be-true contest and win the stunning Island Inn.

Now I’m packing up to move across the country to make Faire Island my new home. I’m going to make this business a success to show I’m just as much a Westmoreland as my brothers.


I refuse to be part of the town’s morally wrong—and probably illegal—plan to bring life back to our hometown. I refuse to throw my hat into the marital ring for the hand of the unfortunate winner of the old broken-down inn.

When Kimberly arrives, she’s more beautiful than her picture but she’s definitely city. It won’t take her long to realize she isn’t cut out for island life. As the rest of the men in town make asses our of themselves falling all over her, I’m the idiot busting tail to help her with repairs.

Then there’s an overnight trip, a kiss that turns into much more, and now I want to be the only one in the running for her heart.

 Welcome to Faire Island where unsuspecting brides find more opportunities than they ever imagined, skinny dipping by moonlight, and romantic walks on the beach.

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