Prince Nate’s charmed royal life was due to his noble birth. Fast cars, fast women, and beyond wealthy was the perfect storm for living on the wild side. Which he did with gusto. But living on his family’s riches wasn’t cutting it for him anymore.

Leaving his family responsibilities behind and shedding his royal identity Nate set out on a path of his own choosing. Now he owns a successful business and spends his days doing what he loves on his own terms. Until a lapse in judgement resulted in hiring a woman he could never have.

After too many failed relationships, Rylee rids her life of the up and down drama of dating.  Instead she pours her heart and soul into a job she loves. Her unique skills make a difference in the world and that’s her reward.

Until her look-but-don’t-touch crush threatens her new, no man zone. But a mutually beneficial touch-but-don’t-keep rendezvous... Now that she could get behind, under, or any other position he has in mind. A workplace affair is just what she wanted. She’s got this! Or does she?

No matter how hard she fights it… this prince is going to rule her heart.

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