The Love Vixen

Book Twelve

Dear Love Vixen,
As a man, I found your response to Sleepy in San Antonio insulting. You told Sleepy to train her husband using positive reinforcement to reward him for good behavior when he helps around the house. Really? Where was your “To have a healthy and happy relationship, you must have communication” response? You are a desperate woman who has evidently been scorned by men.

And another thing, your tag line—“You’ll never find love until you find yourself,”—is abstruse and convoluted. BTW, the only thing good about your book, Love Like a PB&J Sammie, is the editing. In fact, you should have written your book on a roll of toilet paper to be flushed down the drain along with all the relationships who followed your advice.

You say honesty is your big platform but you, Love Vixen, are the biggest liar. There are no soulmates and there is no fairy tale, happily ever after.

And as always, I’m…
Bustin’ it in Boston

Dear BB,
We’ve had our difference of opinions through the year and I see nothing has changed. Had you not been so focused on the editing, you might have learned a thing or two from my book on how to improve your disposition. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you are a chronically single, middle-aged, set in your ways, grumpy pants. Am I right?

You probably couldn’t find your way into a healthy relationship with neon signs and a Relationships for Dummies manual by your side.

Honesty IS the best policy in life and most assuredly in relationships. Are you familiar with the concept? Oh, and sweetie, you can keep your toilet paper for your Boston Butt.

Good luck, hon!
The ♥️ Vixen

***Let’s Talk Love introduces you to The Love Vixen and gives you a peek inside her life. The Love Vixen ultimately finds her HEA in December in My Bet’s on Love.

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