Failure to Seduce

A pampered princess who doesn’t get her way causes sparks to fly in this enemies-to-lovers hot royal romance.

Lola SuMartra’s sights were set on one man for years, and she’s through with waiting for him to make a move. Adopting a disguise and sneaking away from her security detail, she hops a commercial flight to America to pursue her dream man.

After having her handbag stolen as soon as she lands, she arrives just in time to discover the object of her affection has married another. She’s stranded with nothing to her name but the designer clothes on her back.

Lola’s saved by Crew Stockton, a handsome stranger who doesn’t fall for her charms and calls her out on her elitist attitude. Determined to get herself out of the mess, she conceals her identity and refuses to phone home for help and admit to yet another failure. In the face of her strong will, Crew reluctantly allows her to work on his ranch to earn her return plane fare through sweat equity.

Crew gets under her skin and rubs her the wrong way, but like a moth to a flame, Lola keeps coming back for more.

She goes from attending balls and high teas in fashionable dresses to mucking out stalls in borrowed denims, driven to prove she isn’t the shallow, useless tenderfoot he thinks she is.

Over time, she earns his respect and an unspoken emotion grows between them, despite the secret she refuses to reveal. Knowing her royal world will inevitably reclaim her, how can Lola survive the heartache of leaving Crew and the Stockton ranch behind?

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