Daring to Surrender

The Royal Heirs series continues with Janel SuMartra’s story. She’s loved and lost and isn’t interested in reopening her heart to heartache. A road trip turns into an awakening she never saw coming.

Bad-boy biker Dover Justice isn’t interested in being any woman’s rehabilitation project.

Janel wasn’t running from her past by flying to the small town where her parents met and fell in love. She hoped a push to get her life back on track. Instead she finds herself struggling to understand their take on the English language and their southern hospitality. Especially her neighbor.

What she didn’t expect was to find everything, just like her life, had changed.

Dover learned long ago to stay in his lane with blinders on against women with an agenda. Romance, no thanks, and you can forget about him changing his already set in stone bachelor ways. He liked the quiet life with nobody up in his business. As soon as his incompetent new neighbor stopped butting into his peace.

Then her troubles threaten more than his private life and he finds himself as her protector.

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