A Night of Surrender

She’s the one woman he wants, but can’t have.

William SuMartra placed his best friend and personal assistant in the friend zone years ago. She’s too important to him to ever risk mucking it up. No matter how badly he wants more, he ignores his primal urges to make Melia his.

Melia Doukas always remembers her place. She may have grown up with the palace children, but she knew she isn’t like them. Her mother served in the kitchen and her father maintained the grounds, but that didn’t prevent an instant friendship from forming with William. A bond that grows stronger and changes through the years. There’s no way she will take a chance on destroying a lifelong friendship by asking for more. No matter how badly she wants to spend just one night as something more.

William leads a demanding life between two worlds. Melia is the only one that can keep him grounded in both. When she’s faced with a life altering decision, he is there to offer a soft and safe place to land.

For one night they surrender to the passions of their hearts but one pregnancy test later… everything changes.

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