A Cowboy for Mary

Book Three

Rose married the man of her dreams, Sheik Rashid, after a rocky start with a totally unexpected "special arrival."

Annie found her soulmate in the brilliantly talented music star, Carter Ryan.

Finally, it’s Mary’s turn!

Mary is known as the determined and single-minded sister who always had her sights set on a career in New York City. That’s how her family knew her. That’s what they expected. Funny thing about expectations…

Never in her life had Mary Gold met such a perplexing and utterly mouthwatering man.

Stranded in the blazing hot sun of Able, Texas, the swoon-worthy cowboy rode up on his golden steed and rescued her from becoming a puddle on the deserted road. The man of her dreams then turned into an insulting jerk at any and every opportunity! If her very existence irritated him, why did he keep coming around? And why did her day seem a little brighter when he did?

Ethan knew her type all too well–high maintenance and with an agenda that would end up costing him dearly. Been there, done that, and had the scars of betrayal to prove it.

His little daffodil represented everything he detested yet he found her gorgeous and adorable and she smelled as good as all those silly flower names he called her. He should have dropped her off in town and never looked back, but he couldn’t seem to stay away.

No matter how hard he tried, avoiding her wasn't working. There was only one thing to do; send her back where she came from, and take temptation far, far away! So, why did he turn in the opposite direction and take her back to his place?

 The fly in the ointment ... appearances can be deceiving.

What Readers are Saying

Goodreads Reviewer

I was really excited to finish reading the last book in the Hearts of Gold series. Each book is a complete stand alone book. This book is Mary Gold's story...yelp that is her name. This book had the most heat and had me shedding the most tears. Mary and Ethan were so much alike, yet so different. In otherwise...perfect for each other. Another really good read that has me wanting to one click more books from this author.

Amazon Customer


Goodreads Reviewer

This is my first read of the series which since they are stand-a-lone I didn't feel like I missed anything. It was a great read where two strong and independent people with trust issues go head to head. This author has a way with writing a beautiful story with humor, fun and intensity and doing it well. Mary is all about her career and struggling to live the dream she always had for herself. When she finally gets the chance things get derailed and she meets her cowboy. But it is never that easy. A great story you will find yourself totally immersed in.

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